Our School

School Building

We would like to acknowledge that our schools are on unceded Algonquin Territory, and thank the Algonquin Nation for hosting us on their land.

Our School

  • Our Mission: To maximize student learning through students, staff, parents and the community working in an atmosphere of mutual respect and shared responsibility.

  • Our Vision: Vincent Massey is a respected school within the Board and beyond and is valued by its students, parents and staff.

  • Our Motto: “Refuse to Lose”. We will do everything we can to reach each and every student, honouring individual learning styles and intelligence.

  • These three statements drive everything we do at VM, providing a sense of direction and focus in an era of multiple demands and major change in education. Vincent Massey was awarded the Order of Excellence - Canadian Award for Excellence in Education by the National Quality Institute. The award is given based on rigorous internal and external review processes and is the result of several years of continuous, focused improvement and sustainable results. Only one other school in Canada has received this honour. Although we are a large school with a variety of programs, there is very much a feeling of family and community. We have developed a very safe and caring school climate in which all students are able to learn. Typical student comments are, “I love going to school. It’s fun. The kids are really nice. I learn a lot.”

Our Students

We have an enrollment of 720 students, representing approximately 50 countries and languages.

Our Intermediate students come from Arch Street, Pleasant Park and Riverview Alternative. When our students graduate, they move on to high school attending Hillcrest, Canterbury, Lisgar, Glebe and Ridgemont. Some students go into the International Baccalaureate Program at Colonel By Secondary School. We are very proud of our Vincent Massey PS students, as they regularly work hard and behave in an exemplary fashion. We are particularly proud of student initiatives which give back to the local and global community.

Our Staff

We have 47 teachers, including 1.75 Learning Support Teachers, 2 Learning Resource teachers, 2.5 ESL teachers, as well as 11 educational assistants for our special needs students, 10 ECEs in kindergarten, a 0.4 Multicultural Liaison Officer 2.0 office staff and 4.0 custodial staff. Without exception, the Vincent Massey staff members are dedicated professionals who believe in each and every student and do everything possible to ensure success for all.

Our Community

  • We encourage and welcome the involvement of community and parent volunteers to support us in providing the best possible learning experience for our students.
  • We benefit from an active, supportive School Council comprised of parents, faculty and community representatives who work together to ensure a high-quality learning environment for our students.
  • We have many partnerships with the community including, the Royal Ottawa Mental Health Center, Big Brothers and Big Sisters.
  • “We are proud of the spirit of energy and co-operation that has for many years made Vincent Massey an exemplary community school and a quality learning institution.” (School Council Chair

Mission Statement

To maximize student learning through students, staff, parents and the community working in an atmosphere of mutual respect and shared responsibility.

Facilities and Resources

  • Two gymnasium
  • One portable computer lab
  • Computer technology in every classroom
  • An impressive library staffed by a library technician
  • Large play field – 2 play structures
  • Two baseball diamonds
  • Soccer field

Programs and Services

Academic Programs

  • Regular English with Core French
  • Early French Immersion
  • Early French Immersion – Congregated Gifted (Grades 5-8)
  • Music Program - strings (grades 7 and 8)
  • Teachers hold very high expectations for learning for all students. There is a focus on Balanced Literacy and Numeracy. Special needs and English Language Learners are included in the regular classroom activities in a way which will maximize their learning.

Classroom Organization

  • We are a junior kindergarten to grade 8 dual track community school.
  • We have 5 full day 2 year bilingual kindergartens, 3 primary and 6 junior/intermediate classes in the English program.
  • We have 7 primary and 8 junior/intermediate classes in Early French Immersion.

Special Education and ESL Programs

The following system classes at VM include:

  • Congregated Gifted Program which is comprised of 2 EFI classes - Grades 5/6, 7/8 for “identified” students;
  • Deaf / Hard of Hearing (DHH) class;
  • Dual Support Class (DSP) for students who have intellectual and behavioural exceptionalism;

For students who are in the regular program, our approach includes, first of all, support from the regular classroom teacher by way of differentiated instruction. Additional identified support would be provided by our English Language Learning support teachers. These teachers would work in cooperation with the classroom teacher to address specific student needs using either an inclusive or withdrawal support model. Educational assessments and program support are also provided by our Learning Support Teachers.

Clubs and Activities

  • Arts Club
  • Blue Spruce Reading Club
  • Breakfast Club
  • Coding Club
  • Drawing Club
  • Earthcare/E Club Recycle
  • Fashion Show
  • Festival of Lights - Dec.
  • Forest of Reading (Silver Birch)
  • Games Club
  • Gauss Math competition and Pythagoras
  • Gr.7 and 8 Orchestras
  • Intermediate Glee Club
  • Intermediate Leadership Group
  • Intermediate Math Olympics
  • Intermediate Mini Enrichment
  • Intermediate School Council
  • Lunch Box Club
  • Media Group
  • Piano Program
  • Primary Running Club
  • Talent Show

Safe Schools Initiatives

  • Safe and Caring School Culture in which students feel safe to stretch themselves to reach their potential
  • Progressive discipline
  • Student Leadership Group – student group that works to create a peaceful school, community and world through activities such as an annual Peace Assembly, raising money for a variety of local and global causes, and modelling leadership throughout the school
  • Trained student Peace Keepers – Conflict Resolution
  • Early Intervention Program (EIP) for students at risk
  • Code of Behavior
  • School Resource Officer
  • Well-established Character Education Program which is embedded in everything we do.
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